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Book covers, box art, banners, character portraits and more.


Prices range from £50 for an e-book cover in the format of your choice, up to £350 for a full wrap with all additional promotional material (pop up banner, business cards, flyers, bookmark, t-shirt, etc).  For a large project, that will depend on the type of material needed. 

Pre-made characters and covers are sometimes available for between £30-£50 each - if I've got any available, they'll be on the 'Premades' page on the menu above. A premade cover includes change of title/author name and potentially very minor alteration. 
Artwork can be supplied with or without typography, depending on your project needs.

Feel free to get in contact and discuss your idea - I'm always happy to discuss thoughts and am happy to hear from charities or inclusive projects - if I can't help, I'll let you know (politely of course!), but it's always worth an ask. - all conversations are treated as n0-obligation until a contract is signed and are, of course, kept in the strictest confidence.


Brittania Game Designs Limited European Folklore Beastiary

Hollin Wood Pair.jpg
Blood under water.jpg

Fantasy Cover Contest
Bronze Winner 2020

Dead Moon Mockup Badge 2020.jpg

Shelf Unbound '2020 Notable Indie'

Vile final mockup.jpg
Crown of blood book mockup.jpg
Ari and Ari Goes to War Mockup.jpg

Sys Admin character class sheet

Panel 2 Half Size render test 4.jpg
Titanic Panel 2.jpg

Titanic Exhibition layout

Way Ahead Blocked 2.5 x 3.5.jpg
2.5 x 3.5 War Machine Avenue London No T
Horsell Location Card Face 2.5 x 2.5 No
Gabrielle Redo LoRes.jpg
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