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Premade covers:

Premades are a real bargain! Available at £30 each for e=book, £40 for full wrap..
Ebook covers can be formatted as a 6x9 novel and have a plain spine and back (with your choice of back text) added for an additional £10. You can come back to me at any point to add this. 


With a premade, they are sold 'as is'.

What you can change with a pre-made package:
Title and author name
Back text added in
Barcode can be added if needed

Just want the image with no text so you can do your own typography? No problem. 

Full wrap covers are available as a 6 x 9 print format.
Ebook covers are a standard e-book size, suitable for all major platforms (1:5:1 ratio - 2500px x3750 3oo dpi),
They are supplied as a .jpg for the e-book cover and a .pdf or .jpg for the print file, depending on what you need. If you need another file type, just let me know. 

You will also get a .jpg in 1:1 (square) format of the 'mockup' showing the book with your title and name on it for publicity (just like in the gallery below). 

If the book already has a title on it, the title is also available for you to use.

A premade is only ever sold once - so it's unique to you. Premades can be reserved for you for 48 hours if you need time to think/consult with a team. After that they go back on sale. To buy or reserve, just contact me, I'll change the name (and title if needed) to your specification, then invoice via Paypal. You will receive your files via WeTransfer email. 

Premade Characters:

These are available either as single character portraits for you to use at £10 each or they can be used as the starting point for your commission cover. 

Other Premade items:
Every now and again there is wider format work on here, suitable for things like DnD Screens. They are priced individually. 

Not seeing anything you like/much here? 
The covers/characters usually go up in batches and get cleared out every now and again too - if there's nothing on this page, I'm currently sold out - if you would like a notification of a new batch being posted, just pop your email into the box below - it's never used for spam, I don't send out much = all you'll get is a little message every now and again to let you know they are fresh and toasty. 

You can also follow notifications at:


Thank you! I'll let you know when new covers are added.

E-book Covers