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Commissioning  character art for the first time/from a new artist can be a little intimidating - but there is no need to worry.

Don't be afraid to ask - nothing is set in stone until a contract is agreed and signed by both of us. - you won't be held to anything until you have paid the non-refundable deposit and you won't be spammed or harrassed if you choose not to go ahead. People sometimes need to contact a few artists to find the right one to work with - I totally understand this and it supports art as a whole.

Description: Some folks have a really clear visual of their character, others not so much - both of these things are absolutely fine. The enquiry form below is a way to get started and cover the main points. Also, don't feel you aren't 'doing it right' if you don't have a load of text in there - it's whatever you are comfortable with.  

head and shoulders - £40-£50

Tudor French Hood.jpg
Atlas LoRes.jpg
Distant Shire2.jpg

full length, single character £45-£70

Highland Mage.jpg
ShadowRun Security .jpg
Sea Space Queen.jpg

full length, action/multiple/steed £60-£90

Hellhounds and Snuffles.jpg
Elena Paladin Unicorn.jpg
Your contact details

About your character/enquiry

I'm interested in a.....
Character is....

Examples and samples - these are just prompts and you don't have to complete them all!

What sort of world are they from?

DnD, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, Weird Wild West, Tolkien fantasy, etc... 

A bit about your character:

Race (ie: human, elf, orc, etc) 

Apparent age (child, teen, young adult, adult, mature adult, elderly)

Gender - female, male, non-binary, no visible gender, etc 

Hair and beard/moustache colour

What sort of facial hair do they have?

Eye colour - are their pupils different in any way?

Skin tones? Grey Duerger or pale blue for a water Genasi, for example


Horns, wings (demon bat or feathers?), scales, tail(s), claws and paws? 

What sort of clothes do they wear? Is it well kept or shabby? Is it rich or poor, tough and hardwearing or courtly and fine? What colours do they favour? Does it relate to their job or profession? 

What kind of armour and weapons do they have? Or jewellery and magical symbols, artifacts or accessories


Not seeing what you need above?

You may find the standard contact form on the general contact page more useful.


Or email me at:

Thanks for submitting!

Deadlines and timeframes: As a general rule -  and it is very general - the timeframe for a single character portrait is around a fortnight from the date the contract is signed. This depends heavily on the artwork itself and everything else I have scheduled. If you have a specfic deadline, let me know and I'll be (p0litely) honest as to wether or not it's practical.  

The price quoted is the price it is going to cost, based on the information I have been given. Major changes to that may mean a change in price - this will always be discussed clearly with you and will not be sprung on you at a final bill. Up to three minor revisions of the picture are free, and they are charged at £15 per revision after that. 

The non-refundable deposit is non-refundable because if you decide to cancel after that point, I'll have already either put work into the portrait or turned down other work to accommodate it.  However you will never be harrassed or spammed for final payment if you chose to use your 'right to refusal' for the final artwork because we understand sometimes things happen in life. 

I'm happy to send over a copy of the contract and a Non Disclosure Agreement at any time. All character concepts and discussions are treated as being absolutely confidential and the contract asks if you are happy for your portrait to be used on this website/my other social media as advertising. I get that some portraits are private. Nothing will ever be shared until you have seen and approved it first. 

I don't do sexually explict or exceptionally violent images. Not judging there - it's always best to find an artist whose style and content closely fits your vision as you will both get the most of out it. I am totally ok with NB/LGBTQ++ characters (love is love) .

It may take me up to a day to reply to an enquiry (timezones/life/sleep) but I will always reply. If you don't hear back in a reasonable time (three days) please do contact me again as it means the message has gone missing in transit, not that I'm ignoring you. 

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