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Beneath the streets of trendy 60's London an old and very cold war is about to bubble to the surface. Ancient feuds between creatures long regarded as myth threaten to spill back into the world of  humans.

Is it finally time for the Guardian of the early morning woods to step out of retirement?

A ritual killing leads to a roller-coaster world of espionage, brutal scooter gangs and mythical worlds as Mulberry Gale, investigator with a point to prove, decides to call in a favour from one of the greatest protectors of humanity.

Can Professor Early Morningwood (yes, he's fully aware) throw off the shackles of his self-imposed exile and save not just one but two worlds from the machinations of an old foe?


From the sleepy spires of Oxford to the trendy streets of Sixties London and out into the wilds of Scotland... 

It's time to find out if this Old Goat is a myth or a legend. 

Smoke and Mirrors
The Adventures of Benjamin Gaul


ISBN-10: 1909984949 ISBN-13: 978-1909984943 - PAPERBACK/KINDLE- BOOK GUILD PUBLISHING

"The Monster Hunter" introduced us to the epic journey of one nineteenth century lad, from the tea plantations of Ceylon to the orchard-strewn countryside of Kent, as he discovered along the way that books hold both key to, and defence from, the very real monsters in the shadows. 

"Smoke and Mirrors" carries on Bens journey and sees the lad coming to terms with the legacy of his Monster Hunting, as he is whisked by a deadly huntress from the Kentish countryside to the choking smoke of industrial Manchester, where an unlikely plague of ancient horrors await. 

Dealing once again with the growing awareness of a mixed-race boy in a hostile environment, "Smoke and Mirrors" introduces some of the best naturalising of supernatural creatures ever put into print. A true Gothic Horror style, yet still suitable for a young adult audience.

The Monster Hunter
The Adventures of Benjamin Gaul



ISBN-10: 1909984949 ISBN-13: 978-1909984943 - PAPERBACK/KINDLE- BOOK GUILD PUBLISHING

A terrifying encounter with a deadly creature causes thirteen-year-old Benjamin Jackson Gaul to leave Ceylon in search of a new life. He is sent to live in England in an orphanage deep in the Kent countryside. 

In Victorian England however, everything is not quite as cosy and safe as it at first appears with rumours of weird creatures haunting the orchards and fields. When a strange illness breaks out among the orphanage children and the enigmatic Nanny Belle – sister to Major Jack Union - arrives, adventure and mystery soon leap back into Ben’s life.


Along with the help of Rosalie, a local Gypsy girl, Ben must gather all the strength and courage he can muster in order to defeat an evil far greater than he could ever imagine. 

How To Bag a Jabberwock -
A Practical Guide to Monster Hunting




There are untold monsters in this world and we must defend ourselves against them. Britannia and her Empire are threatened. In remote and hidden places strange and deadly creatures still lurk. Scorpion-tailed Manticores prey upon our soldiers in the Persian hills and in the snowy mountains of Tibet the legendary Yeti waits in ambush for the unwary Himalayan traveller. High in the heavens predatory Kraken patrol the skies and deep underground the mysterious Shide lay slumbering, ready to stalk our dreams.


And yes, even within these Emerald Isles, monsters linger - Vampires, Lycanthropes and Ghoti.    I, Major Jack Union, know these creatures inside out. Indeed I have spent a lifetime searching for them, hunting them down and wiping them from the face of the globe. Discover within these pages the truth about the secret world of monsters - and how to defeat them. 

Read this book carefully and keep it close at hand - your life and the Empire depend upon it!

Dr Tripps - Kaiju Cocktail



ISBN-10: 184583867X ISBN-13: 978-1845838676 - PAPERBACK/KINDLE - TELOS PUBLISHING LTD


Dr Tripps is not a happy man. With his cranium enhanced to bring him increased mental capacity, he deplores the rise of diesel power in the world, and longs for a return to the clean and simple energy of steam. But Dr Tripps is not one to idly stand by. Aided by Igor, his beautiful assistant, and a hybrid fly-monkey butler, he plots to pit Russia against Germany in a War to end all Wars.


Luckily, a very British secret society has a hero in the form of Iron, a young man with a keen enthusiasm and a metal flying suit, who finds himself working with Nanny Honey from the mysterious NANI agency to stop Tripps and to set the world back on a more peaceful footing. But when monstrous creatures start to wreak havoc across the globe, can these two unlikely heroes succeed? Or will the power of steam win out over the advances of diesel?


The Rocketeer meets Mary Poppins in a rollicking tale of adventure, giant monsters and flying cities!

Dr Tripps - Moon Monster


The First world war is raging and a downed airship on Horsell Common reunites Iron Branding and Beatrix Honey in their continued fight against the madman Dr Tripps.

A race to the moon awaits our secretive duo as they must once again lock blades with the devilish Tripps his hoards of monster creations and his deadly partner the mermaid Igor.

What new horrors can this alien landscape hold in store in the interstellar battle to save the world.

Now available as an ebook through Amazon

Dr Tripps - Time Terror


Bea and Iron return to an Earth much changed from the one they left.

A peace reigns over the land under the watchful eyes of titanic guardians but is it a world forged for the better or built on the shaky rubble of a forgotten history.

The adventurous duo must once again plunge headlong into the machinations of Dr Tripps and try and untangle his web of lies, in this final instalment of the Kaiju chronicles.

Now available as an ebook through Amazon

Welcome to Jahannam

The Great War rages for Captain James "Crash" Jackson; as he chases his desire to become a flying Ace but when disaster strikes his future takes a different path and uncovers a secret project to explorers the stars.

Scarlett Byrne fights a different war; one for her own survival on an unforgiving planet where she fits nowhere, looking constantly to the stars for any chance of escape.

Catapulted together these two must rediscover themselves, plan a rescue and challenge a rising evil.

Battles unfold as impossible science and titanic beasts clash across the alien landscape of Jahannam.


Now available as an ebook through Amazon



 9781909679962   SNOWBOOKS

Inspired by such classic pulp movies as Jaws and Deep Blue Sea – as well as such ludicrous delights as Sharknado and Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus – the stories contained within are rip-roaring page-turners and slow-build chillers that celebrate all things savage, pulp and selachian. 
Covering the whole range of speculative fiction genres, from horror and Steampunk, through to SF and WTF, these are stories with bite! 

Come on in. The water’s fine… and holds a surprise for Jack Union! An anthology of gloriously pulp shark tales by a wide range of talented authors, including Kit Cox!

Now available in paperback and ebook from Snowbooks.

Of Major Jack Union - Part 1


Download and read for free - the perfect taster collection covering the adventures of Jack Union and his batman, Kent, hunting monsters across the Victorian Empire. 

(Click on the picture to the left to open the .pdf file - which you can then either read immediately or save to your machine for later perusal.)

Union Books
A short story by Kit Cox

Download and read for free - a short story on the art of awakening.

(Click on the picture to the left to open the .pdf file - which you can then either read immediately or save to your machine.)



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