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Photograph of Kit Cox, actor, author and artist

Kit Cox - Author - Actor - Artist

Author and illustrator of the Union-verse books and other short stories, creator of  the Steve Jackson game "Evil Ted", host for Hendrick's Gin and actor.  Raised in Maidstone, Kent (where he still lives) on a diet of Boys Own adventures, Carry On movies and Hammer Horror, it stood to reason it would all seep back in later life. Originally an illustrator, Kit branched out to create the stories he knew his pictures needed to tell in greater detail. 

Kit Cox writes under his own name and that of Major Jack Union - the title character of his sci-fi series. The Union-verse books are set in an alternate universe where history and fiction exist alongside each other with the presence of monsters being kept secret by agents of the British Empire.

As well as the writing and artwork, Kit is an accomplished actor with film & tv roles to his name.

Professional Event Host & Panellist

Photograph of three men sitting on convention stage, with Kit Cox on the far left

Image courtesy of Steve Davis

As a long-term anchor for the Hendricks Gin company, Kit has hosted many professional high-level VIP events as well as interviewing a huge variety of guests at multiple Conventions, both in the UK and overseas.


Kit is a calm and experienced front-of-house for your event, with a genuine interest in the guests as people, helping them to relax and deliver an engaging interview. 

He also frequently appears as a panellist and guest himself, drawing on his training in stand-up comedy and specialist subject of 'Monsters in Myth and Legend'.

If you would like to discuss a possible appearance by Kit at your event or convention as either guest or host, please do get in touch. 

Concept and Scriptwriting

Photograph of Kit Cox with actor Bernard Cribbins holding Kits book

Kit both writes as an independent novelist and also as a freelance concept writer, working for companies as diverse as Hornby to Chaosium. 

He has a particular love of scriptwriting - especially slightly dark comedy - suited to film and television adaptation. The majority of his books are written from a very cinematographic point of view and are highly adaptable to visual forms - the advantage of having an artist's imagination as well as a writer's one. Being a dad and husband also means a deep understanding of writing for different age categories, and his previous work as a tutor for disadvantaged youths brings a unique insight into how the power of stories can break down barriers and change lives. 

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